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SIMPLE Solutions for Consumer Displays

Colony Display is proud to offer a proprietary approach to pre-built in-store display infrastructure. Our team produces turnkey retail fixtures and displays that ship fully assembled with all collateral pre-installed. These SIMPLE Solutions minimize construction time in store, improve speed to open new stores and greatly reduce waste throughout the process.

Colony Display has been manufacturing, shipping and installing these custom commercial-grade displays for many years. We can produce our turnkey SIMPLE Solutions for any market, but we specialize in creating stunning kitchen showroom displays for home improvement retailers.

Ready-Made Retail Kitchen Displays

Retailers come to Colony Display when they need a plug-and-play kitchen display for showroom purposes. Our custom kitchen display system offerings include pre-built walls wired for electricity, pre-built showrooms and pre-assembled fixtures.

You can come with a fully formed idea of the type of kitchen display you need, or you can lean on our team for design ideas that will wow your customers and save you time and money.

Kitchen Showroom Display Ideas

Name a type of retail kitchen display, and Colony Display has probably created it (or something very similar). We are industry leaders in developing ready-to-use retail kitchen showroom displays in a huge variety of styles and materials.

Examples of the types of in-store kitchen displays we can create include: 

  • Galley-style kitchen displays
  • Efficiency kitchen displays
  • L-shaped kitchen displays
  • U-shaped kitchen displays
  • Island kitchen displays
  • Open-concept kitchen displays
  • Pantry displays

Check out some of our recent end-to-end retail fixture work for additional inspiration:

Key Benefits of SIMPLE Solutions

SIMPLE is an acronym that highlights the key attributes and benefits of our proprietary retail build out program. It stands for:

  • S = Streamlined – This process is all about reducing pain points and increasing efficiencies, from design to manufacturing to installation.
  • I = Installation – Colony Display completes the full build out at our warehouse: no in-store display assembly required. And using our proprietary lift system, we can solve even the most complex retailer in-store infrastructure challenges.
  • M = Modular Construction – All construction is done at the Colony Display warehouse.
  • P = Project Management – The Colony Display team keeps the project running smoothly, from the first point of contact to post-installation check-ins.
  • L = Logistics – Colony Display handles all logistics, including labor.
  • E = Engineering – Our in-house engineering team ensures your SIMPLE Solution is designed based on the specific needs of your space.

Each SIMPLE Solution we create is designed to make life easier for retailers and entice customers with an attractive, functional look and feel. If we do our job correctly, customers will interact with the display, imagine the fixtures in their own home and make an informed purchase decision. The end result? Satisfied customers and more revenue for your business. 

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Colony Display’s team can take your in-store kitchen display design dream and turn it into a reality—all without any logistical headaches. We can customize SIMPLE Solutions to your needs and work with you until you’re 100% satisfied. Contact our sales team today to learn more about the displays we can create for your business.

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Colony Display’s SIMPLE Solutions are UL (Underwriters Laboratory) approved and have passed inspections in all 50 states and Canada.