Richelieu Hardware

Where Our Inventory Consolidation Experience Pays Off

  • Client: Richelieu Hardware
  • Number of different suppliers involved: 5
  • Project description: Production of display tower to be used as incremental sales opportunity for specialty hardware retailers
  • Unique challenges faced: constant layout adjustments,complicated consolidation inventory process, different handle attachment methods across types, development of spinning unit with small footprint
  • Solution developed to overcome challenge: developed a system to manage all 300,000+ handles produced,monitored all inventory and quality control of all parts

Our Niche Perspective  

Our longstanding experience with inventory consolidation means we can help our customers in a unique way. Richelieu Hardware is an importer, distributor, and manufacturer of specialty hardware and complementary products. Merchandising is key to their customers’ business.  When the company was given an opportunity to drive incremental sales using a new display option for one of the nation’s largest home improvement retailers, they turned to Colony Display. And that inventory consolidation experience proved immeasurable in this project.

The Challenge

Colony was tasked to create a display which combined handles from five different hardware retailers.  The unit needed to house almost 300 different types of handles while only occupying a small amount of space on the sales floor.  It also needed to be able to spin despite the unbalanced load of items displayed.   

The Solution

The Colony team developed a system to manage inventory and quality control of the over 300,000 handles used.  They designed, engineered, and produced a display unit that not only executed all of the requirements, but arrived to stores completely assembled.   

Case Study - Richelieu 1A
Case Study - Richelieu 1B
Case Study - Richelieu 2A
Case Study - Richelieu 2B

Result & Impact

Colony’s work on comparable products convinced Richelieu that they were right for the job.  But it was the ability to execute a seamless, nationwide rollout on Richelieu’s behalf that will ensure they utilize Colony’s services again in the future.