G6/Motel 6

Motel 6

The Power of Client Collaboration

  • Client: Motel 6 
  • Project Name: Gemini Brand Redesign 
  • Number of locations program delivered to: 6  
  • List of Colony services utilized: design, renderings, engineering, value engineering, domestic manufacturing, install guides, prototypes, install  
  • Timeline of entire project: 2020 moving forward for 5+ years 
  • Materials used: wood, laminate, LED/electronics 
  • Project description: Developed over 100 different custom case goods to be used in the new format for all Motel 6 locations. 
  • Unique challenges faced: Over 100 different top-level part numbers, re-designed/value engineers 10 times, prototype rooms, cost challenges to end user 
  • Solution developed to overcome challenge: VE with better yield, VE with to match laminates, VE redesign to pull costs out of program 

Connect & Listen

Some projects find us through our reputation.  In this case, it was Colony Display’s track record for creating notable case goods, as well as our design and engineering work, that led Motel 6 to seek out our services as part of an overall brand refresh.  They wanted to be a more visually appealing hotel chain – and knew Colony could deliver as part of that innovative solution. 

The client chose Colony Display for our expertise, professionalism, customer service, negotiated pricing, and lead time as additional factors

The Approach

Colony first met with G6’s VP of Design to review initial concepts and renderings created by the team.  Two main objectives were established: 

  • Create a fresh look
  • Maintain a lower cost

After gathering further details about the direction G6 wanted to go, Colony manufactured a prototype room.  The visual representation captured the interpretation of the G6 vision while also providing insight for both teams as to how the enhanced design would feel for a consumer.   

Once the VP reviewed the new model, the teams were able to initiate a plan of action, merging further ideas and creating new concepts for the G6 brand.

Case Studies G6 1B
Case Stuidies G6 2A
Case Studies 2B

The Result

By providing expertise from both sides collectively, they were able to engineer the “Gemini package,” a standard G6 package for new renovation franchise and corporate locations moving forward.  This package is comprised of 75 different SKUs that cover everything from lobby case goods to the individual room package furniture.   

The Impact

Motel 6 was impressed with the entire process of Colony Display, most importantly the knowledge they shared to educate everyone involved in the process.  It was Colony’s dedication and commitment to this project as well as the expertise of both Account Executive Eric Francosky and CEO Chuck Zich that Gomez says would ensure they choose Colony again in the future.